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guanzhong toolShaanxi guanzhong tool manufacturing co.,LTD.Was registered and established in June 2003,which was restructured from the original guanzhong tool factory established in 1970.It is the backbone enterprise of tool industry in China,and now it is held by baoji machine tool group co.,LTD.By January 2021,the total assets of the company are 234 million yuan,covering an area of 200 mu,under the jurisdiction of 12 production workshops,2 business divisions and 12 sales branches,656 employees.
Company inherits the guanzhong tool more than 50 years of the essence of the manufacturing process,the specialty is engaged in the metal cutting gm tool of research and development,manufacturing,sales and service,products are:tap,milling cutter,drill,reamer,gun drill,indexable milling cutter,solid carbide cutting tools and so on seven big classes,mainly in the service of aviation,aerospace,railway locomotive,automobile,diesel engines,machine tools and other mechanical processing industry,Exports to Singapore,Malaysia and other countries and regions.Among them,"Guan Gong Brand"machine tap won the"National Silver Quality Award",and with precision straight shank twist drill was identified as the title of famous brand products of Shaanxi Province,the product trademark"Guan Gong Brand"is the famous brand of Shaanxi Province.
The company has provincial technology center and enterprise technology research and development center,passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.In recent years,the enterprise has invested a lot of funds for technical improvement,and introduced the mill tap production line from the United States and Germany,equipped with the German KELCH tool detector.The company has built domestic advanced TiN,TiCN,TiAIN,Crain,TiN+TiCN coating production lines and production lines for grinding milling cutter,powerful tap,grinding twist drill,fully grinding parabolic drill and integral carbide cutting tool,with leading equipment level,strong technical strength and complete testing means.
Entering the"14th Five",the company continues to uphold the"innovation pursuit of excellence,ingenuity manufacturing quality"concept,toward the"high-end have me,the middle strong"product structure adjustment direction keeps moving forward,and strive to build Guanzhong tools into a well-known domestic general tool research and development and production base.

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